It’s that time? Already!!!

Today is December 24, 2019. Christmas Eve. Yesterday was Halloween. Now how did that happen?? There was once upon a time when once I had cleared the sugar high of Halloween out of my system that I turned my sights on Christmas!!! Christmas time meant Thanksgiving, two weeks of Christmas break, and presents. And it… Continue Reading

So…what’s been happening?

Yikes! It’s been life forever since I last posted here!! And while my life has been busy it’s not like I haven’t had the time. No excuse really. I even prepped images of one of my winter projects to share with everyone but just didn’t “get around to it”. I enjoy making small artist notebooks/journals.… Continue Reading


“February is not a month, it’s a disease!” February. Some say it’s not a month but a disease. I call it a tease. ¬†Today the sun is out, temperatures in the upper 50’s…almost 60. Yesterday….30’s. Grey, overcast sky. Snow showers mixed with rain. Yucky day no matter how you look at it. Tomorrow…and the rest… Continue Reading