Relics – An Artist Book

It’s February. A time for winter, post-holiday blahs. I felt them for awhile…particularly with the events of January. Not any more. It seems my muse has taken an interest in me again!!! She first pointed me to “surface design” and I’m having a blast learning all about this. This is a story for another time. I’d like to instead talk about about another project that has me quite excited…”Relics”.

Here’s the backstory…

Sometime ago I did an online workshop led by Roxanne Evans Stout where she showed us, as part of the workshop, how to build an artist journal. I made two…one for that workshop and one to use some other day. So I had that tucked away…

Recently I read a story in “Upper Case Magazine” (Vol. 48) in which Neil Whittington, the owner of Present/&/Correct discussed his idea of creating a bound journal of envelopes giving his clients a place to store things. Now this triggered all sorts of bells in my head!

I thought…why I have this artist journal waiting for a project and I do like making envelopes and Mail Art and so why not! All I needed was a “theme”! And wouldn’t you know it…my muse whispered in my ear, “check out what Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter are up to…” So I did!! I found out that they were both working on a joint project creating mixed media pieces under the heading of “Relics”. Perfect! As any good artist would do I decided to “borrow” this idea from them! I had my project!! A bound artist journal of envelopes each containing a “relic”. Better than Perfect! I get to make lots of embellished envelopes, background papers to mount on the journal pages, binding the journal, and then “relics” for each envelope. Messing with papers, paints, glues, mediums…what fun!!

I’ve started making all sorts of envelopes from different papers from my stash just to get a feel for sizes and textures. I’ve also started creating textured papers…that I don’t have pictures of right now…to use both as backgrounds and envelopes. I’ve not started even thinking about what sort of “relics” will go into these. I’ll do that after the journal is completed.

Here’s one completed page of envelopes to give you an idea where I’m headed. When totally filled, this artist journal will have two sections, 10 pages or 20 faces in each section for a total of 20 pages or 40 faces. This is going to be a grand artist book indeed!! I’ll most definitely keep you all up-to-date as I make progress so make sure to check back often. Make sure to check out the work of Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter. If you’re looking for a great inspirational magazine take a look at Upper Case Magazine!

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