Work In Progress

In a post a while back, I shared with you several mini-journals that I had constructed. I’d like to share with you now how I’ve been using one of those journals!

I’ve been working with the tri-fold journal with the idea of creating collages that have lots of dimension and texture as well as some form of stitchery. I create these collages outside the journal and once completed I glue them to a journal page.

Here’s a spread of two pages from one of the sections in the journal…

And here’s another!

I’ve completed one of the three sections and most of another. I’ve set the journal aside for a while as I was feeling that the collages I was creating were getting a little “forced”. I’m in no hurry to complete this artist journal, even still it’s where I can see it so I know I’ll get back to it soon.

As you can image this mini-book will never close flat…and it wasn’t intended to do that! The ties are there to keep it loosely folded making it inviting to open and enjoy! Once this journal is completed I’ll make sure to share more of the finished collages!

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