Road through Georgia

Recently I’ve been spending time review my old film negatives. I came across a set of the them that reminded me of a trip taken many years ago…to many to remember…that my family and I made in August to Florida. Not the best time of year to be visiting Florida but it involved family so off we went. To get to Florida from Cincinnati one has to go through Georgia. As it was habit at the time, I traveled with a couple of my Holga 120 cameras ready at hand to capture images from the passenger side window when it was my wife’s turn to drive.

I remember that the scenery along I75 going through Georgia wasn’t all that awe inspiring…that was until I spotted the signs along the side. “WE BARE ALL” certainly caught my eye! So I started to take pictures of all such signs…that were I’m certain directed at the truck drivers on the highway.

The idea that “STRIPPERS…DO GOOD THINGS” gave my wife and I the opportunities for interesting conversations. Of course there was the explaining to our daughters what a stripper did….

If you know anything about “toy cameras” you know that a Holga and black and white film always give a different perspective to life. In this particular moment this perspective was fitting. I can’t help to think about these signs every time Georgia crosses my mind.

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  1. I remember traveling to Louisiana in 1973. I saw a sign no colored allowed.
    it was crudely written on a piece of wood. I wish I had a photo of it. I was shocked


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