Old Friend

There was this tree in the park that’s nearby where I live. My dog, Kaylee, and I would always go into the park on our daily walks and as the tree was at the front of the park, we’d always stop to visit it before heading into the rest of the park. The other night a wicked storm came through causing a lot of wind damage to the surrounding area…including “our tree”.

I was heartbroken when I saw it the next day. Not only had it been a daily sight, I had also made it the subject of many a photograph…as you could see above. Kaylee and I lingered for a bit taking it all in. She peed on it as usual and I told it I’d come back later to say goodbye properly…

I didn’t get a chance to return by myself until the next day…to find that the park crew had already started to cut it up for haul away. The air was full of the scent of cedar so I’m sure that had recently been there. I visited with it a bit longer and cut some branches from it to use it yet to be determined art. It’s funny how one becomes attached to a tree, isn’t it. Go out and give your favorite tree a hug while you can!!

  1. I totally understand! There was a place near my home, a secret forest, not large but I often wondered what animals lived there. I have 1 photo of the place. A few weeks after I took the photo the whole mini forest was gone!!! Cut down!! The land cleared for development. I was crushed. It has sat empty for a year now! What for?????


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