Making Book

I’m the sort of guy that needs to be always busy. Doing something. Making something. Anything. It’s hard for me to just “sit”. Meditation sessions are always a challenge. Over time I’ve come up with a series of go-to projects when I have nothing pressing on my agenda. Playing with my iPhone apps, making artist brushes, and making books are things you’re apt to find me doing when I have “time on my hands”.  Recently I made three little books that I’d like to share with you. None of these books are particularly fancy in the materials I used or in the binding techniques. (As a side note…I have taken any number of book binding workshops where I’ve created books using fancy papers and bindings. They just sit on a shelf as I look on them as too “precious” to use!) 

I saw a picture of this type of book structure in Pinterest and was intriqued enough that I had to give it a try. I really like the trifold, accordion approach to it. Keeping it really simple, I made three small signatures from brown drawing paper. Each signature measures 4×4 inches and only has 4 pages. I sewed them together using a very simple over/under stitch. The covers are made from corrugated cardboard and covered with handmade paper. (I didn’t make the paper.) I kept the page count for each section low as I plan to fill this book with dimensional mixed media collages that  will easily fill the book!


This book is a bit different from the trifold but just as simple. It consists of three signatures made from hand-dyed papers…which I did do…with each signature consisting of 6 pages. I bound the signatures together and then attached them to covers made from corrugated cardboard covered in green card stock. The book measures out to be 4×6 inches. I haven’t decided what I’ll use it for yet…maybe a pocket field book?

I made this book structure at the same time I made the structure for Roxanne Evans Stout’s workshop, “Winged Messengers”. Following her lead, I glued down pages of brown drawing paper to the covers of a recycled book. I added strips of tag board between each page to allow for dimensional collaging as I did this and then sewed the pages to the covers. When the book is done I’ll do something with the covers and bind the two sections together. This is truly a work in progress as I have no idea what the theme of the book will be!

I think I’m done making books for the moment. I’ve started a collage for the trip-fold book but beyond that I don’t know what I’ll be doing next!

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