Winged Messengers

I tend to go “stale” over the winter months. My photography starts getting boring and uninteresting, the projects I had lined up to do after the holidays start looking boring and uninteresting…it’s all just yuck. When that happens…and it always does…I look for a break-out project. Over the years the person whose on-line workshops have been my go-to is Roxanne Evans Stout. Her work always knocks me out! So much depth in each piece…it’s amazing. And her workshops? She has a way of making things look easy…at least something even I could do! 

The timing for me was perfect as Roxanne had just opened her newest on-line workshop, “Winged Messengers”. I took a look and signed on! Let me say I soon found myself lost in cutting, pasting, and creating to my hearts desire. This workshop differed from her other workshops in that she doesn’t give lots of direct instruction, instead allowing you to go along with her as she creates her own Winged Messenger book. For someone new to collaging this might be a bit overwhelming but I’d say don’t be! Just watching her go to it gives enough instruction for anyone.

After watching her create the basic book structure, she then starts creating her pages around the theme of Winged Messengers. I must admit that her way of creating is not at all close to mine…even still it was fun watching her do things. Over a series of videos she took us from beginning to end giving suggestions and tips along the way. I didn’t start my book until I had taken it all in allowing time to contemplate.

I think I mentioned that I have a different way of doing things…so when I made my book structure I did it not quite as Roxanne showed us. Same with each page. I dug out my Cricut machine, rubber stamps, old photos of mine, scraps of paper from everywhere…you get the idea. And had a grand old time!! I’ve been sharing with you the pages from my book so I hope you get a this sense from these!

Spring is just around the corner and I’m feeling that my muse has returned to me after her winter break. That and Roxanne’s workshop “Winged Messengers” have my creative juices flowing again. Do check it out!! 

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