What Next?

Sometime during the spring of this past year (2019) I took some tag board and cut out 4 squares, each 4×4 inches. On these squares I created a different mixed media collage. You can see them above. I placed the collages to the left of each board and it was my intent to add a small amount of text to the right. After I created these I hung them on my inspiration board…and waited for the inspiration as to what text would be best for each. And I waited…and waited…and waited. And here I am. So…does anyone have any ideas as to what I could add to each one to finish them? A quote? A short poem? A haiku? (Maybe they’re already “done” and I just don’t realize it!) I’ve taken them down and stored them away safely for another day…or that jolt of inspiration!

I created a short video using the iPad app, PhotoMotion, to give you a close look at each board. Enjoy!!

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