It’s that time? Already!!!

Today is December 24, 2019. Christmas Eve. Yesterday was Halloween. Now how did that happen?? There was once upon a time when once I had cleared the sugar high of Halloween out of my system that I turned my sights on Christmas!!! Christmas time meant Thanksgiving, two weeks of Christmas break, and presents. And it was a forever time away. The wait was miserable…yet exciting. Oh my was it exciting…


Yesterday was Halloween. Today is Christmas Eve. Now how did that happen? I tried really hard this year to make the season last…to slow it down…to enjoy it. Quietly. To the fullest. And it just didn’t happen that way. As I look back I realize that I went through my Christmas check-list for decorating, baking, and activities not with excitement but as something that one does to enjoy Christmas. Not taking the time to be in the moment. Damn. Now…why did I let that happen? Just did I suppose. I think it’s time to get rid of my check-list…don’t you think?

One last thing. I shared with you two different versions of a Christmas still-life. If you get a moment let me know which one you like the best. And do have a Happy Holiday! Don’t let this season get away too quickly!!!

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