All My Children?


Over the years I have made any number of assemblage dolls. In typical fashion I’ll start with a basic idea…like a spice can…and then go from there adding and subtracting found objects until my doll comes to “life”. Almost Frankenstein-ish!! Once finished, I might spotlight the new creation on IG but then it gets put up on a shelf with the others to collect dust.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to put three of them, “Ginger”, “Mean Mr. Mustard”, and “Blackie” up for sale in my Etsy shop. Give them a new home…make some money for Christmas…clear off the shelf for new creations…all those reasons. So…I got them off the shelf, dusted them off, did a photo shoot…and then did nothing. Like I couldn’t bring myself to list them.

Yesterday I decided that if I was going to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season I had better get on with it. Deciding that Mean Mr. Mustard would be a good one to start with, I listed him. Wasn’t happy about it but I figured if he sold he’d be happier in a new home. Right after that I pulled down another of my dolls…that I called “Robot Girl” …that I really didn’t like. My plan was to take it apart for salvage and throw the rest of it away. Now I have to tell you…as I went about disassembling it I start feeling really guilty! As if I was doing something awful guilty!! Not only was I trying sell off one of my creatures, I was also disassembling another. I’ve never felt this way before and I’ve sold, thrown away, destroyed many other art pieces. Wow!!

My wife made some crack about mistreating my “children”. That really helped me feel better!! Needless to say I have since delisted Mean Mr. Mustard. Just couldn’t go through with it. While Robot Girl is in pieces I’m already planning a remake in her honor. All My Children…indeed!

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