There I go again!

There I go again! Picking up a new craft. I just can’t help myself…jack-of-all-trades, master of none. And you know what…I like it like that. I find myself getting bored working in one media and so I switch to a different one for awhile. My photography hasn’t been doing it for me as of late so I’ve been messing around with mixed media stuff and making artist-brushes. My new craft? Sewing!!

My mother taught me the basics of sewing way back when and there was a time in my 20’s when I was building Frostline kits one after another. (Do you remember Frostline and all the cool camping gear kits they offered?) Then I stopped. My wife is a fantastic seamstress and quilter…fully equipped and trained. So I just would ask her to make me stuff. That worked until recently when she started telling me to do it myself. And I would have but I wasn’t going to touch her machines! Why that’s like letting some else use your computer!!! Just wasn’t going to happen….

Come my birthday this past August I told her that I’d like a simple and sturdy sewing machine of my own…and that’s what I got!! I have now figured out all its buttons and switches…and have made two practice shirts. Nothing to show off but progress is being made! 

My hopes with this new craft are not only to make better fitting garments for myself but to also incorporate stitching into my mixed media pieces. I might even take up quilting!!! So look out world…and happy stitching to you!!

  1. Right there with you! I love learning new mediums.
    I thought for the longest time that I should specialize, the whole master of nothing thing, but I’m glad I chose to march on my own path. Good luck!!


  2. yes, I love to sew – and have for eons! I have my original machine that I bought just out of college – cast iron Singer – and I started incorporating sewing into my art when I just started out over 20 years ago…been wanting to do more with sewing and collage…but since injuring my back over 6 months ago (hauling my sewing machine!) I can’t sit for long periods of time. Look forward to what you create!


  3. I picked sewing again a couple of years age (first learned in my teens). I’m having lots of fun sewing quilts and garments. I often move between different arts too (photos, painting, mixed media) – not an expert in any, but find joy in creating. Looking forward to seeing some of your makes!


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