So…what’s been happening?

Yikes! It’s been life forever since I last posted here!! And while my life has been busy it’s not like I haven’t had the time. No excuse really. I even prepped images of one of my winter projects to share with everyone but just didn’t “get around to it”.


I enjoy making small artist notebooks/journals. Nothing fancy about them as I try to keep them from becoming too “precious”. That way I know I’ll use them! I make them and then throw them into a box until I get the urge to do something with them. So…this past February I pulled one out with the intention of filling each page with something interesting. My other goal was to have this artist journal completed by the end of the month not wanting to overthink  any one page.


Here are a selection of the pages that I liked the best. (Yes…I do like all the pages but these are the best of the best!) As you view them you can see a mix of materials and techniques that I used.


I suppose I should also mention that I created the book using eco-dyed paper that I also created. (I know…I’m so clever!) One of my self-imposed constraints was not to cover the entire page but let the characteristics of the paper show through.


I hope you like these pages. I have a half dozen or so of this mini artist journals completed…all nestled in a special box. Might just be time to create another one now that’s summer!


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