Thoughts on 2019

As I look back on the year 2018 it was pretty much of a bust for me creatively. I seemed to struggle with everything project I approached…nothing seemed to thrill me. Not even still life photography that had proven to be a successful path for me in 2017. As my frustration kept growing I decided to best thing for me to do is just to stop trying. Oh I dabbled in digital imagery and even went back to such things as painting and mixed media works. Momentary things. Nothing lasting. And so it was as the year ended…

2019 presents itself with the same issues for me. Nothing seems to interest me at the moment. My list of possible projects is out there and as soon as I shake off the post holiday blues I hope to get my hands dirty again and “Do Something”.  Doesn’t help that I know why my creative blocks exist…it’s breaking through these that is going to be the tough part. I know that I have to stop “trying” and taking myself so “seriously”. Find the joy and all that. More chocolate? Perhaps. Or how about running away from life to a Polynesian island? Hmmm…

I do know this. There is a lot of built up creativity in me and when my muse returns, who can be a bitch when she wants to be, look out world. Who knows…2019 might prove to be my year!!

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