Once upon a time…before I turned to mixed media and photography…I painted. I also was heavily into life drawing. Nothing like than working from a model…the human body is the most challenging and rewarding subject for any artist. That was then. Now days my painting comes and goes. I still have all my paints, brushes, canvases, and the like. Tucked away…collecting dust until I decide it’s time to start again. 

I started “Sundays” over a year ago. I prepped a canvas, put down my working lines from a stock photo, and laid in the base colors. Then I stopped. I’d look at this work often but found it to be hard to keep working. Oh I’d do a little here and there…just enough to get frustrated with my progress and then I’d leave it for another time. And so “Sundays” sat.

It was the middle of last month that I decided to either put the work into the painting…or throw it out. Fifteen minutes everyday…working on different areas. Layers upon layers until I got it “right”. Finally my wife said it was finished. And it was…

I’ve named it “Sundays” in honor of the tradition of Sunday afternoon painters. You know, those who pick up a brush every Sunday just to enjoy the process and not so much worried about the results. My paints and brushes are once again tucked away as I move on to other things although I do think they’ll come out sooner versus later.

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