Tales from the Allotment

Tucked into a tree encircled field, the Valley View Community Gardens where my little allotment resides offers a quiet refuge. Lately my trips have been few and far between. Our weather has settled into a typical Cincinnati summer…hot and humid. Add to this plentiful rain and one has the perfect jungle setting!! As such my garden doth grow!!


Our last visit was this past Sunday morning…it was already in the 80’s F at 10:00 in the morning with humidity to match. I couldn’t do much of anything as I was recovering from a back spasm that set in Saturday morning. (No…I don’t know why this happened!) My wife spent a little time weeding as I “supervised”. Guess what? We didn’t stay long!! As I write this on a hot Fourth of July it looks like the heat wave may break by the week-end so hopefully I can get back on Saturday.


The squash bed is starting to show signs of greatness as are the tomatoes! I don’t have a picture of these…maybe next time! The potatoes are looking good as are the beans and the flowers. What fun!!


So far its only been radishes that we’ve harvested…something wonderful about a radish right from the garden!! Problem is I have too many now…and more are coming!!

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