Seed Head

This past Sunday morning I was doing some light weeding and replanting in my allotment. At the back end of my space there’s a clump of weeds and grasses come up from a pile of abandoned hay. As I used my hoe to take out this clump I noticed the lovely seed heads on the grasses. Naturally I brought some back with me that day to use as still life props.

Later that day I set-up a simple staging area and began to photograph. I knew I wanted to focus on the simple elegance of the seed heads so I picked out a neutral backdrop to work against as well as a very simple distressed bottle to hold the stems. As we are all apt to do, I captured images from several vantage points and then moved in closer to work with just the seed heads. The “featured image” is one take from this shoot. I really do like the feel of this image.


After moving in close, I did a bit of rearranging of the stems to change the dynamics of the image. It wasn’t until I started editing it that I decided to crop close and allow two of the stems to lean out of the frame. I also desaturated it a bit allowing only a bit of color to come through making this more of a study of darks and lights.


Staying close, I rearranged the stems a final time and then moved my camera positioning the seed heads more to the right. Cropping close again during the edit to allow the tops of the heads to just touch the top of the frame. This, and the negative space on the left, give this image a lot of power. And…it just had to been in black and white! I think this image is my favorite…although others have told me they like the first version the best. I like them all…they each tell a different story. What’s your favorite?


  1. I like the 2nd one the best! It seems the most natural for me and reminds me of how it might look in nature. Plus I really like the soft touch of green on the edges of heads.


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