The Allotment

Way back in the 70’s…when I was just a young lad…an undergrad at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio…I had this plan to “go back to the land”. Live off the land and all that. Of course everyone was planning that as well. That didn’t happen but I did hold on to my desire to garden. Faithfully read “Mother Earth News” and “Organic Gardening”. Always remembered to watch “Crockett’s Victory Garden” on PBS. And had a garden in some shape or the other. 


Life has a way of changing one’s plans and I haven’t gardened for the last four or five years. Early this spring I decided it was time to get dirty again and so I signed up for an allotment in a nearby community garden. It’s not big…just 5 feet by 20 feet which is fine. I didn’t want much. The community garden spread is nestled in a former field of a farm that is now a nature conservatory. It’s soil is wonderful!! (Although you can’t really tell that from the picture.) Tilling of the bed was already done when I first visited the allotment so I didn’t have to deal with that which meant I could start planting right away!


I’m going slow….just have some tomatoes, beans, potatoes, and various squashes planted so far. Still need to clean up the area behind the tomatoes…probably make that the composting pile…and get more bedding plants and the like. Most of all, I just want to enjoy getting my hands into the soil and feeling the sun on my back as I work. I’ll keep everyone up-to-date as the growing season progresses. I’ll save you a zucchini as well!


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