There Is This Tree…

There is this tree…greets me every time I come into the park with my dog. It’s not a particularly pretty park although it does sit beside the Little Miami River. Yet it’s this tree that always catches my attention. Over the years I have used the tree as the focus for a number of my images…so much so that I’m considering turning this into my “icon”. Perhaps.

This past week I once again returned to this tree and used it in another of my “series of three’s”. The images above are the result of my latest effort. I used the app, Superimpose, to remove the background from the original image and saved that to my camera roll. After that I used the apps Procreate, Distressedfx, Stackables, and Snapseed in my final edits. All of this turned out to be quite fun for me as it gave me a chance to use parts of these apps that I don’t normally use and kept me “creative” as I was bored with shooting still life images!

Above are more of the images I’ve created over the years using this very same tree. Gotta say I do love this tree! 

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