Three of A Kind

I tend to work in threes. Call it a throw back to my days of teaching language arts…you know…”the rule of threes” or “the rule of sevens”. Always there. Sometimes it was obvious, sometimes not. In any case, it’s a principle I find directs my photography. The composition grids on my cameras are all set for the rule of threes. I try to hold myself to using no more than three apps…not counting the apps I use for clean-up. And when I find a theme I particularly like, I’ll use it to create three images within that theme. So there we are…


Spring has been slow in showing itself in my part of the world much to my frustration. With that in mind, this set of three images came into being. Had a bit of fun with these images using the app DistressedFx as my main app with a touch from the apps Stackables and Snapseed. The titles were created in TitleFX.


It’s been more spring like this week. Rainy and warm. Trees are starting to bud out and open. I noticed on a drive yesterday afternoon that the honeysuckle bushes are in full leaf. And there’s no snow in the long-range forecast. Just maybe winter is behind us. Just maybe….

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