I’m always amazed how “life” can dictate what one’s path should be if you’re willing to listen. Sometime ago I created the three brushes seen in the featured image to be used as props. I really didn’t have anything else in mind for them afterwards other than the fact I liked them enough to keep for future use. Soon after I posted this image, I started receiving inquires from folks wanting to know how if I was selling the brushes. I was somewhat taken aback by this reaction but thought…why not! I made up a bunch more of the brushes and listed them on my Etsy shop. And they all sold!! I made some more…and they sold!! To make a long story short…it seems that I’ve found a fun niche for my creative endeavors.

I have just created three new handmade rustic brushes that are somewhat different than what I’ve made in the past. These are also now listed in Etsy along with the others. If you have a moment or two and like handcrafted brushes…do take a look!!

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