Another Side of Me

When I’m not putting my cameras to use creating still-life imagery or landscapes, you’ll find me in my studio putting together mixed media collages and assemblages. I recently completed an amazing on-line workshop created by Roxanne Evans Stout called, “Victory Shields & Wisdom Keepers”. During this workshop, Roxanne, took us down the path of creating some 13 or 14 different Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers. Her teaching manner is very gentle and very much about being in the moment. When I first started the workshop I felt a need to charge through each project…which is typical for me! I soon realized the I didn’t need to do so and took a deep breath. As I slowed down, I found real pleasure just in the process of creating each piece and in the end feel a close attachment to my work. I would certainly recommend this workshop! Her website, will give you all the details of not only this workshop but also her many other wonderful offerings.

Here’s a gallery of the works I created. I hope you like them!

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