A New Start

Before I was on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr as well as other sites… I was blogging. In fact I was quite good at using FrontPage….remember that software?….creating classroom websites for myself and my teaching team. It wasn’t until I left teaching some six years ago did I become active using “social networking” to promote my art and photography.

I started with Flickr then added a blog using Blogger. Quickly came Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram but it was my blog that I paid the most attention. After time blogging becoming a bit of a “chore” and the siren song of Instagram took over. A quick post and a way I went. So I dropped that blog and paid more attention to my Instagram and Facebook feeds.

That was then and now…now I’ve lost “faith” with Facebook, Flickr, and the others. So…a new start with this blog! It is here that I hope to tell my story…a story about life using the written word as well as my art…photography and mixed media…to help me tell my tales. I hope you join me here on a regular basis as I know it will be an interesting ride!


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